My many years of practicing therapy (over a decade!) has taught me that positive connection and real relationships matter in counseling. In fact, research suggests that good engagement between the therapist and client is one of the biggest factors that ​contributes to positive outcomes.

It is for this reason that I try to stay away from the typical therapy jargon and academic language that is sometimes used in therapy, and put a lot of energy into building rapport and comfort with you! There is no hierarchy that needs to be maintained with me. Now, this doesn't mean that sessions are not driven and educated. I will use my expertise and knowledge to maintain a high quality of service - I will just make sure that we are going at it together as a team. 

A workshop on Defeating Fear is also offered. This workshop will change your life. We give fear and anxiety too much authority in our lives. We need to take that authority back and reclaim our future. The Defeating Fear workshop starts that journey to your freedom.

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I provide phone / face-to-face sessions that are intentional, purposeful, goal-driven, and comfortable. Therapy / Coaching sessions shouldn't have to be a burden, so you are provided options. Sessions are either 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour long. 

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