Don't Let Fear Determine Your Future

How much of your life is determined by fear? How would your career choices be different? What would an audition look like if fear wasn't in the room? What would an interview look like if you didn't bring fear to the table? What would your relationships look like if fear wasn't the third wheel?

When we live our lives based off of fear, our whole being changes. We are no longer living out our potential or purpose, but instead, we are being identified by our fear. We've given fear authority in our lives.

We all have fears and anxieties and as much as we try to get rid of them, we often cannot. I believe this is the case because the fear comes from anxiety and anxiety is natural and actually serves a survival purpose. The problem is when the fear and anxiety become overbearing. What we need to do is to get those fears and anxieties working for us again, instead of the other way around.

Defeating Fear Workshop

Take back your authority! 

Corporate workshops are a good fit for the following:

- Actors/Acting Studios, Musician and other creatives

(Actors and Studios click here for details)

- Improving Office Culture and Corporate Team Building

- Public Speakers

Workshops are available to put fear in its place and take back our identity. This workshop will  help to put anxiety and fear in its rightful place. We aren't numbing it, we are recognizing it, then letting is sit where it needs to, but most of all, we are taking back its authority. The workshop addresses the following:

- Identify the fear and its message

- Decipher the lies from the truths

- Identify the truth and its message

- Retake your purpose and live from potential

- Learn how to use this truth in specific aspects your life

- Practice!


Workshops are approximately 3 hours long but ultimately depends on the number of people participating. The cost is $60-$120 per participant depending on workshop format.

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