Defeating Fear for Actors

Acting studios talk about the need to be vulnerable but don't really provide a safe space to do that. Perhaps this is the next step for progressive studios to embrace. If there is anything that I've learned as an actor, it is the need to learn resilience. Actors are required to be vulnerable and bare themselves to others everyday with the knowledge that they will be judged. Most normal people avoid such situations. Actors choose it.

One of the biggest barriers for actors is fear. There is an innate fear that we have when we are open and vulnerable. This serves as a protective measure to avoid getting hurt. But, when we can safely and effectively be open and vulnerable, our relationships get deeper, our knowledge get broader, our creativity and imagination excels, and in turn, our acting becomes stronger.

I use my expertise as a therapist and coach, along with my experience as an actor to run a workshop to address the fear that we face as actors in a healthy and effective way to improve our confidence as actors.

How I Can Help

  • I have a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and have over a decade of experience in counseling, coaching, and clinical supervision.

  • I have taken many acting classes and have not only studied acting, but studied the actors in the classes: their strengths, their barriers, their fears, and their walls

  • I have first-hand experience of the trials of trying to break into the industry later in life. I've experienced the fear and anxiety myself, and learned how to use my experience in psychology to address it.

  • I've experienced the highs of booking work and the lows of rejection. I've experienced the exhilaration of being recognized for good work and the fear of feeling like I don't belonging - imposter complex. 

What Does The Workshop Cover

Workshops are available to take back our identity. This workshop will  help to put anxiety and fear in its rightful place. We aren't numbing it, we are recognizing it, then letting is sit where it needs to, but most of all, we are taking back its authority. The workshop addresses the following:​​

  • Identify the fear and its message

    • Begin labeling controllable and uncontrollable factors that contribute to the anxiety and fear​

  • Decipher the lies from the truths

    • Review and analyze different personal narratives and identify specific areas where anxious and fearful thoughts ​prevented our best work

  • Identify the truth and its message

    • Using a creative exercise to counter our negative thoughts with messages of truth and power​

  • Practice!

    • Break off into smaller groups for group discussion​

  • Rejoin large group and learn how to own your purpose and live from your true potential

    • Learn how to anchor those thoughts into all areas of your life​​

California Bus


Imagine an acting workshop on Fear that supplements Scene Study, Auditioning, On-Camera, Cold Reading classes! The questions is, "why isn't this already a thing?" Let's make it one!

  • Approx 2-3 hrs long (depending on no. of participants)

  • $60-$120 per participant depending on workshop format

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