What I Do and How I Do It

I work through INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS and GROUP WORKSHOPS. The group workshop focuses specifically on addressing fear and anxiety. For more details click on the "Defeating Fear Workshop" above. For details on individual work, see below!

New York Residents - Phone/Video therapy only

Let's face it, time is our most valuable resource. Accessibility is key in today's world. I provide PHONE SESSIONS that are intentional, purposeful, goal-driven, and comfortable. Therapy sessions shouldn't have to be a burden, so you are provided options. Sessions are 30 minutes long. 

Los Angeles Residents - Face to Face or Phone/Video coaching

I provide phone or video coaching sessions, however, if you prefer face to face sessions, those are options as well! Coaching sessions should work with you, so you are provided options. Sessions are 30 minutes long. Face to Face sessions are 1 hour only. The choice is yours!


Don't you hate it when websites don't provide rates? I do. My rates are as follows:

30 minute session - $85

Unfortunately, I do not take insurance

My Approach

I've had many different styles of training. I've been trained in psychodynamic therapy (Freudian stuff), but I don't use much of that at all. While there are some Freudian techniques that are useful, I prefer to use methods that are evidenced-based and backed with some science.

My style of preference is more humanistic, positive, and goal-directed. I'd like to know if the therapy/coaching is working and I assume that most clients do as well. I like to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to address most issues. My belief is that we are mostly resilient and strong people. I believe that we usually have the strengths and skills within ourselves to address and overcome most of the obstacles in our way. We were made with purpose so we all have purpose. It is just a matter of identifying strengths, utilizing those skills, learning new techniques, and striving towards equipping ourselves to live out our purpose.

My method is analytical, systemic, and goal-directed. We'll break things down in sessions, analyze them, create goals, and assess those goals throughout our time.

*Now, you noticed that I said that we are able to address most of our obstacles. There may be some situations where a higher level of service is required. I don't let my pride overtake your needs. If you have a greater need than we can accomplish in our sessions, we will work together to find a better fit for you because in the end, therapy and coaching is about you, not me!